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The influence of CEO equity incentives on licensing
Don . O'Sullivan, Vincent O'Connell, and Jong Ho Lee


Using theory on authentic leadership to build a strong human resource management system
Carol Gill, William Gardner, Johannes Claeys, and Kathleen Vangronsvelt


The Role of Affect in Shaping the Behavioral Consequences of CEO Option Incentives
Leon Zolotoy, Don . O'Sullivan, Geoffrey P. Martin, and Madhu Veeraraghavan


No Title
Don . O'Sullivan


1 Behavioral Agency and Affect.docx
Geoffrey P. Martin Dr, Leon Zolotoy, and Don O'Sullivan


Behavioral Agency and Social Norms.docx
Don O'Sullivan, Leon Zolotoy, and Geoffrey P. Martin Dr


Team Size, Noisy Signals, and the Career Prospects of Academic Scientists
Catherine C. de Fontenay, Kwanghui Lim, Nicholas Snashall-Woodhams, and Suren Basov


Inertia and Managerial Intentionality: Extending the Uppsala Model
Douglas Dow, Peter Liesch, and Lawrence Welch

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